July 2018

He loved it.  He's hasn't stopped smiling since Monday.  This is his first year playing so this camp really helped him get a chance to see what to expect and get some practice.  The camp was well organized and run. We appreciate the extra attention and patience your staff had with Noah and can see it with all the kids on the ice. Thank you,  We look forward to the upcoming season and future camps you may offer.

- Shawna

July 2018

This has been a great camp experience. Connor has loved every second. Such an awesome week!

- Melissa

June 2018

She had so much fun and really enjoyed herself. The coaches were amazing pulling her aside and working with her since she’s a beginner!!! They did such a great job she’s decided to play hockey in the fall. 

- Becky

July 2017

This is the first camp I have ever taken him to where I have left him for the day and not been there to assist with equipment. We have worked hard to get to this point, where he could have a level of confidence and independence without panicking. We view it as a huge win for him having made it through the week on his own.

He has gone to camps before and they have been "good" in his words but he very seldom gets excited about things. Every day this week he came home with stories to tell me and his adjectives, when asked about his day, were "really great" and "so fun". He told me today how disappointed he was that it was over - usually I'm trying to convince him to push through a week at other camps.  I can't tell you how happy his dad and I are about the experience he was given. This week has done much more for him than improving his game, I can't thank you and your team enough.

- Nicole

July 2017


This is such a great camp, he is having an absolute blast!! Great idea and great setup! 

- Megan

August 2016

This has been an incredible week. Matty has been jumping out of bed eager to get to camp. I've never seen him this happy. The coaching has been incredible. Great job to all the coaches and counsellors. Count on both my boys signing up next year!

- Gerry